Our Clients Believe in Us

Here Is What They Are Saying


Our Clients Believe in Us

Here Is What They Are Saying

Ruth Lorenzo

Performance, artist and singer had an injury that prevented her from acting comfortably on stage and the pain increased considerably after each performance. “In wetrain I have found a method that allows me to train with intensity without risk of injury”

push your body to the max

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Nando Escribano

Journalist and television presenter wanted to gain muscle mass and have a training habit to change his lifestyle. “In wetrain I have managed to have that necessary proof to see changes in my body”

Wetrain eL Gym Boutique 1# en Barcelona

We combine training and years of experience to provide the highest quality service

Maxim Esteban

Basketball player of the Futbol Club Barcelona came to wetrain looking to improve strength to feel one hundred percent competitive on the court.
“I train with exercises that replicate what happens in real game situations, I have gained strength and stability in the crashes and that has given me a lot of confidence”

Won’t Happen In One Day

don't give up with out trying

Miquel Jelelati

Conference interpreter and university professor tell us about his recovery case at our center.
“If you can’t move a shoebox, do all kinds of exercises.”

commit to health and fitness

challenge yourself - take it to the next level.

Albert Martin

Basketball player chained several injuries and one of them left him off the court, after finding no solution he reached our center and together we assumed the challenge of recovering a major neuromuscular injury.
“Thanks to this team of professionals I have been able to play basketball again, the sport I love”

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